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        Religious Jewelry Collection

        Religious jewelry is a simple way to express your religious feelings and be closer to God. Anita Jewelry Store offers a great variety of religious jewelry that will be a perfect gift for special religious occasions. Our products include gold and diamond crosses, crucifixes, religious rings, earrings, chains, pendants, charms and many more.

        Anita Jewelry Store carries a wide assortment of 14K gold crucifixes and 14K cross jewelry in yellow gold or white gold.

        If you want to buy a nice gift, you can just have a look on our angel jewelry. Fine religious jewelry angels are available as angel pendants and angel medals. Each piece of jewelry is perfectly crafted, using the best of metals and precious stones to shape every piece into work of art.

        Be impressed with our selection of religious charms. It includes prayer medals, David pendants and David charms, and many other signs of Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism and Islam.

        Express your faith with our religious jewelry collection. Do not hesitate in your choice!

      1. Pendants & Charms (630)
      2. Crucifixes (527)
      3. Crosses (1730)
      4. Rings (141)
      5. Earrings (64)
      6. Bracelets (37)
      7. Rosaries (48)
      8. Necklaces (119)
      9. Medals (1239)
      10. Confirmation/Communion (37)
      11. Baptism/Angels (149)
      12. Judaica Jewelry (233)
      13. Mariners Crosses (51)


        14K Gold Hearts On Cross Necklace
        14K Gold Hearts On Cross Necklace Price: $150.32

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        14K Gold Satin Angel With Trumpet Charm
        14K Gold Satin Angel With Trumpet Charm Price: $118.24

        Sterling Silver Ichtus Dangle Link Bracelet
        Sterling Silver Ichtus Dangle Link Bracelet Price: $50.70


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