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        Engagement Rings: Fresh Design Trends: What's Hot for Brides-to-be
        June 29, 2006
        Source: send2press.com

        From the grace of halo to the sophistication of micro pave, design trends in engagement ring and wedding band settings are changing, reflecting today's busy lifestyles. Ergonomic designs reign supreme in today's market, no longer does pure panache determine the design that leads to 'I Do.'

        USA : Fashion feast to raise scholarship fund
        October 11, 2006
        Source: fibre2fashion.com

        Miss Dowagiac Scholarship Pageant and Greater Dowagiac Chamber of Commerce are jointly hosting a fashion show, dinner and dessert luncheon at Wood Fire Italian Trattoria. The show will have a cross-generational appeal, from young women to their mothers and grandmothers, as it features participant from all age groups including today's hottest trends for juniors, as well as for women in their 30s, 40s and 50s.

        World Gold Council Marks Fourth 'May is Gold Month'
        February 7, 2006
        Source: diamonds.net

        The World Gold Council will engage retailers in its third annual "May is Gold Month" in 2006. The program added four participating retailers to its list of nine: Ben Bridge Jeweler, Finlay Fine Jewelry, Gordon???s Jewelers, Helzberg Diamonds, JC Penney, Macy???s East, Macy???s West, Sterling Jewelers Inc., and Zales.

        Co-sponsors of the program include Jewelry.com, Aurafin, and Bel-Oro International. The World Gold Council says that new gold jewelry lines will be launched in May during the campaign meant to increase consumer awareness and sales of gold jewelry, and the organizations reports that the annual launch adds 10 percent to annual sales year to year.

        Jewels Make The Man
        Oct 31, 2005
        Source: www.keepmedia.com

        At London's Royal Exchange bar, a popular hangout for investment bankers, gold bracelets, diamond earrings and platinum necklaces are on display. And not just on the women. This year men have started sparkling, too. Some of the world's most conservative movers and shakers are wearing understated gold cuffs from Tiffany & Co. and platinum and diamond pendants from De Beers's new Talisman collection. "We're a post-bling generation now," says Mary Brittain, editor of the British trade magazine Jewelry. "Expensive, sophisticated and subtle is in."

        Men's pieces now account for more than 10 percent of jewelry sales in Britain--double that of a few years ago. In the United States last year, men's jewelry accounted for more than 11 percent of the $57.4 billion jewelry market, making it the industry's largest growth sector. "It's a whole new business," says Tom Kalenderian, top executive for men's buying at Barneys', which now features 10 men's jewelry designers--up from none two years ago. "This isn't grown-up gaudy. It's artistic, bohemian and understated."

        New Age Diamonds to Expand on Higher Demand
        August 19, 2005
        Source: www.diamonds.net

        Synthetic diamond manufacturer, New Age Diamonds, says that "growing interest" in synthetics prompted the company to increase production for worldwide distribution.

        Based in Moscow, Russia, New Age will expand production across all categories. In colors: All tints of orange, from light yellow to vivid canary. In weight: There is a strong interest in diamonds from 0.25ct. to 1.0ct., according to New Age.

        In a press release, New Age Diamonds laid-out future plans:
        - Launch new capacities in the beginning of year 2006
        - Extend advertising, promotional, and marketing campaigns to support the brand
        - Increase volume of productions month by month
        - Special attention for new tints of pink (from light to deep red), diamonds of 2+cts
        - Cut fantasy shapes for modern designs

        We are online!
        January 17, 2005

        We are happy to offer you our marvelous collection of jewelry, created to please any person on any occasion. A great choice of rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, chains, charms jewelry, children???s jewelry, religious jewelry and other jewelry is at your disposal. Please take some time to browse through our pages and enjoy shopping with Anita Jewelry!

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