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        Get Glamorous with jewelry
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        Charms & Pendants

        We are delighted to offer you our magnificent collection of daintily crafted charms and pendants. Each charm is carefully assembled with sturdy stainless steel, providing highest quality. Our charms selection includes sports, initials, cubic zirconia, slide, birthstone, zodiac, and many more. Whatever you need, silver charm or gold charm, bracelet charm or diamond pendant, you can find it at Anita Jewelry Store. We work with the best charm makers of the world to be sure you have only the best. We have got all the charms you are looking for and in any style you like.

        Bracelet charms, designed in yellow or white gold, are a delightful way to recognize the events in your life. Whether it???s a birthday, wedding, your favorite sport or movie, jewelry charms are becoming all the rage. Choose gold charms, charm bracelets and sterling silver charms for your home jewelry collection.

        Our charms are sure to bring you on a fantastic and engrossing charm collecting experience. And don???t overlook our breathtaking pendants ??? diamond pendants, gold cross pendants, heart pendants, pearl pendants, birthstone pendants and many other elegant and stylish pendants that will perfectly complement any beautiful chain. Have fun!

      1. Cubic Zirconia Pendants (669)
      2. Heart & Flowers Charms (1504)
      3. Clover Claddagh Charms (94)
      4. Talking Charms (1046)
      5. Animal Charms (618)
      6. Zodiac Charms (59)
      7. Slides (270)
      8. Nautical Charms (397)
      9. Diamond Pendants (452)
      10. Birthstone Pendants (190)
      11. Gemstone Pendants (467)
      12. Enamel Pendants (490)
      13. Professional Charms (157)
      14. Miscellaneous Charms (821)
      15. Graduation & Novelty (210)
      16. Baby Shoe Charms (44)
      17. Charms Holding Pins (5)
      18. Flip-Flop Charms (67)
      19. Italian Charms (17)
      20. Diamond Circles & Ovals (75)
      21. Pearl Pendants (134)
      22. Cameo Pendants (127)
      23. Coins & Coin Pendants (204)
      24. Holidays Charms (130)
      25. Key Pendants (186)
      26. Name Plates (12)


        Sterling Silver Imitation Pearl And CZ Pendant
        Sterling Silver Imitation Pearl And CZ Pendant Price: $43.90

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