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        Each piece from Reflection Beads Collection has been created so that you may express yourself in your jewelry. We offer handcrafter beads using Sterling Silver, 14K Gold, Hand-Blown Glass, Italian Murano Glass, Dichroic Glass and Swarovski crystals. Each silver and gold bead that we offer has been handcrafted in wax by a team of skilled craftsmen, from which the finished beads are cast. The hand-blown glass and Dichroic glass beads have a solid sterling silver core. Italian Murano beads have sterling silver end caps. Each bead is then polished to a lustrous finish.
        To get started choose either a Bracelet or Necklace, then select Beads to start your Reflections Bead Collection.
        Our collection of beads is compatible with other leading brands so you can always add our beads to the bracelet or necklace you already have.
        A Reflection Beads bracelet or necklace looks great for any occasion and you can change up the style of your beads to suit your moods and outfits!

      1. 14K Gold (44)
      2. Alphabet (52)
      3. Zodiac (15)
      4. Birthstones (25)
      5. Hobbies (32)
      6. Sports (12)
      7. Vacations/Holidays/Travel (37)
      8. Animals & Birds (148)
      9. Flower Design (106)
      10. Dangle (119)
      11. Double (3)
      12. Murano Glass (198)
      13. Starter Bracelets (7)
      14. Bead Necklaces (2)
      15. Hearts (56)
      16. Miscellaneous (478)
      17. Cubic Zirconia (119)
      18. Spacers (16)
      19. Connectors (11)
      20. Bali Beads (36)
      21. Dichroic Glass (55)
      22. Bead Earrings (2)
      23. Bead Watches (1)


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